Live surgery and Dissection

Sydney Sinus Surgery Course 2022

Course Directors:

Prof Raewyn Campbell and Richard Harvey

Esteemed local faculty including:

Prof Simon Carney, A/Prof Joanne Rimmer and Dr Chris Dhepnorrarat

The course is aimed at practising surgeons and registrars. Non accredited Registrars are also welcomeThe course is aimed at practising surgeons and registrars.

Advanced areas of surgical management will be covered.

There is a focus on integrated medical and surgical management. Modern concepts of airway based approach will be discussed. Live surgery is planned on Friday morning. Lectures and discussions will prepare the participants for two afternoon sessions in the dissection laboratory. 

Post-covid restrictions, the course is back to the original format and lab layout . Compliance with hospital alert status still required.

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Contact: Kate

Sydney Sinus Course

August 4-6th
Clinic Conference room

St Vincents Hospital

438 Victoria St Darlinghurst