Annual Meeting

ANZSBS 2023 annual scientific meeting (ASM)

The 2023 ASM in collaboration with the Unitversity of Utah in Salt Lake, UH, USA has now been confirmed

This meeitng will be held at the Rustler Hotel on the slopes of SnowBIrd/Alta.

The primary hotel hosting this event will be the The Rustler Lodge. Bookings are full board. An option will be Snowpine Lodge, 10420 Little Cottonwood Rd | Alta, Utah 84092. 

The ASM will also be the venue for the Annual General meeting for the society.

View of the Rustler Hotel on the slopes of Alta and SnowBird

Enquire about registration as no block reservations have been kept and availiability at the hotel will only be availiable until sold out.

Checkin 8th January 2023 to Saturday 14th January 2023