ANZSBS Webinars

Lectures and live Q&A by leading skull base surgeons both in Australia and contributions internationally

every 8 weeks

Currently 2000hrs – 2130hrs Sydney (AEST)

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The topic list is constantly evolving but includes:

DateTopicSpeaker 1 Speaker 2
Intro to the ANZSBS &
The ergonomics of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery.
Richard HarveyRaewyn Campbell
Jan 26th
March 23rdAdenocysticBen PanizzaDr James Nightingale
May18thTONESDarlene Lubbe
Jul13Acoustic NeuromaAndrew DavidsonBen Panizza
Septmeber 7thRadiology of Skull base conditionsClaudia Kirsch PA radiologist (TBC)
Dec 14thPerineural spreadBen PanizzaRichard Harvey
Controversial Cases (incl submissions)