Sydney Rhinology and Skull Base Fellowship

The Fellow will work under the supervision of A/Prof Raewyn Campbell, Prof Harvey and  Prof Ray Sacks ( Macquarie University), Dr George Marcells ( Bondi Junction Private Hospitals) .

Inflammatory paranasal sinus disease currently makes up 40% of the case load. Skull base work is now 30%, and complex rhinoplasty makes up the final 30%. The Fellowship is unfunded; remuneration is via private assisting fees only. You will be required to obtain a AHPRA licence and insurance.

The Fellowship provides exposure to both medical and surgical rhinology. Rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction (with additional facial plastics if needed) are a core part of this. Dr George Marcells, co-director of the fellowship, works at Sydney Hospital and Bondi Junction Private, currently performs 2-3 rhinoplasties a week. He is considered one of Sydney’s preeminent tertiary referral rhinoplasty surgeons.

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ASOHNS Fellowships (St Vincent’s Rhinology = Sydney Rhinology Fellowship)

Research and presenting at international meetings form an important part of the Fellowship. It is designed for someone wanting to develop a career in academic medicine with continuing research interests. Involvement in local and international meetings helps to build a strong relationship with the international rhinologic community. Tertiary hospital placement would be expected after the Fellowship and we would provide as much assistance as possible to see the Fellow was positioned appropriately.

Trainees interested in the fellowship as a stepping stone to ‘private practice only’ are not encouraged to apply.

If you would like to discuss fellowship training at St. Vincent’s Hospital, or opportunities overseas, then please do not hesitate to contact Prof Raewyn Campbell or Prof Richard Harvey.

Fellwoship runs from July 1st to 30th June each year.

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